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Year Band: 2nd
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Grandparents' Day

A reminder of the day that we invited Grandparents in to talk to classes about their childhood memories.



Christmas Nativity

On Tuesday, December 20th., Holy Family Senior School will present their bi-ennial production of 'Who Would Imagine A King – A Christmas Nativity Story'. This beautiful night of scripture and song, recalling the First Christmas, takes place in the Cathedral at 8:15pm on Tuesday December 20th.

Home School Community Liaison & Parents’ Association News

The Parents’ Room is a hive of activity this half term. We have something on offer to suit everyone and would love to have you on board in one or multiple groups and courses.

Music Generation Clare Tuition

We are so blessed at Holy Family School to have such talented music tutors come to us each week to provide instruction in concertina, drums and guitar. This is a wonderful opportunity for any child and a huge convenience for parents as this tuition happens in school...after school.

Science Week

Science Week was held in Holy Family from 13th – 20th November. We chose biodiversity as our theme, since we are going for our biodiversity flag for Green Schools this school year.

November Newsetter

The November newsletter has been sent home. You can also access it here in the Parents' Info section, under Newsletters.

A Spooky Visit to the Museum

Little did we know when we woke up on October 25th that we would be going on a Halloween tour to the Clare Museum. Miss Mc Mahon's class were full of excitement and anticipation on our journey there. On arrival, we were transported to a magical, mysterious space where our storyteller Ruth Marshall was awaiting us.

October Newsletter

The October newsletter has been sent home. You can also access it here in the Parents' Info section, under Newsletters.

Yellow Flag

As part of our continuing efforts in obtaining a Yellow Flag for diversity and multiculturalism, HFSS Parents Association are coordinating a school recipe book for the whole school. Children are invited to provide their own recipes from the variety of cultural backgrounds in our school community and a selection of these will be chosen for the book.

Green Schools

This school year is an exciting year for Holy Family, as we seek to receive our fifth green flag. Our theme is still Biodiversity.

Music News

We have a busy year ahead with choir, band, rock band and Music Generation.

Active School Flag

Active School Flag. In the past school year the Holy Family Senior School was awarded the Active School Flag for the many initiatives and sporting activities that have taken place to promote physical activity in the school over the past two years. This flag remains valid for a period of 3 years after which time we will be invited to re-apply.

September Newsletter

The September newsletter has been sent home. You can also access it here in the Parents' Info section, under Newsletters.

HSCL / Parents Update

As a new school year begins we would like to welcome all our parents back, while also welcoming our new parents to the school. Our Home School Links Coordinator Barbara Buckley looks forward to liaising with you over the coming year.

Accelerated Reader

Students are busy getting up and running with Accelerated Reader again this term. Find a link to the AR website here.

Fáilte romhaibh ar ais!

HFSS opened its doors on August 31st to begin a new school year. Wishing all pupils, parents and staff a fruitful year.

5th Class School Tour

On the 7th of June, 5th class went on their school tour to Nevsail Watersports, Kilkee.

Bike Week Cycle

Holy Family Senior School pupils took part in the National Bike Week cycle to school event.

First Holy Communion Day

Coming up to our First Holy Communion we practised and practised everyday. We sang songs until they were perfect and the people who were reading, read until they were perfect too. We knew what to do, and when to go up onto the Altar. We were very prepared and very excited.

Sports Day 2016

Our Sports Day was on Tuesday 22nd June. We had jiu-jitsu, basketball, soccer, obstacle course, potato and spoon race, athletics and more!!!!

HFSS Summer Recital

Well done to all of our budding musicians - our violinists, concertina players, our rock band, choir and trad band - who took part in our Summer recital on Thursday 16th June.

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