2nd Class School Tour

On Tuesday, June 4th the three 2nd Classes went to Lahinch Seaworld for their school tour.
We travelled to Lahinch on a bus. When we got to Lahinch we were split into different groups. There were different things for each group to do.

We visited the aquarium. We got to see lots of fish, sharks, seahorses, oysters, crabs, starfish, lobsters, tortoise and other sea life. Our guide was very funny. He even left us touch and hold some of the sealife!!

Some children got to go on the bouncy castle at the front of Seaworld. We got to see some great gymnastic moves!!!

Everybody got a chance to go swimming! We were allowed to play games in the pool and there were giant balls for zorbing.

Then we had our lunch in the picnic area because it was a lovely, sunny day! We went to the playground but it was very busy. Unfortunately the tide was in so we didn't get to do a beach walk.

The bus journey was VERY QUIET on the way home!!

Everyone was tired after a long day but we had a great time!

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