3rd Class

Our Trip To Milanos

On Wednesday 12th March, Mrs. Vaughan's 3rd class ( That's us!) went to Milanos Restaurant to make pizzas for our good behaviour.

At around 9:15am we walked through the town to Milanos.
When we got there, we met the manager Daragh O'Driscoll. He gave us our hats and aprons.
Next we washed our hands. (You don't want a dirty pizza!)

Then we met the chef Tomas. He showed us how to make the base.
After that we put tomato sauce and cheese on the pizza.
Then Tomas cooked the pizzas.
Meanwhile we each had a yummy doughball!
Then Tomas, Daragh, Mrs. Vaughan and Sinead cut the pizzas and put them in boxes.
We each had a slice and IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!
Then we went back to the school and each had one more slice.
We all had a great day at Milanos! Me and my family ate the rest at home. Everyone loved my pizza!

by Sean Shannon.

Football Blitz at Eire Og

On Thursday the 7th of November 2013 Third Class went to Éire Óg Pitch for a football blitz. We played Gaelic football against other schools around Ennis.

First we walked from Holy Family to the pitch.

When we arrived at the pitch we got put into our teams. There were twenty teams in total.

We started off by playing our first match. When our first match was finished we had our lunch.

Then we continued playing the other matches and we all scored some goals.

After our final match we got our picture taken for the paper.

When it was all finished we walked back to school. We had a lot of fun at the blitz.

By Laura, Aoise and Aimee 

Science Show at University of Limerick

Mrs. Vaughan's class and I went to UL when it was Science Week because we wanted to see a science show.

We all went on a bus to go to UL and I sat beside Isolde.

When we arrived we went into a room with lots of comfy chair. We all sat down and ate our lunch.

Then loads of other schools arrived and we were brought into a room with lots of chair. We sat on the chairs and then the science show began. We learned lots of things and saw lots of exciting things including a man sitting on a chair full of nails, marshmallows being made bigger, explosions and paper aeroplanes. My favourite thing of all was when the scientist put two phonebooks together and could not pull them apart.

When the show was over we went back on the bus and drove back to school. When we arrived at school it was home time.

I had a great time at U.L and I hope I can go back there again some day!

By Dearbhla Parry

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