4th Class

Science in Room 5


Last month, Mr. Corbett's 4th Class learned all about sound. We carried out lots of different tests to find out how sound travels and compared various ways of sending sounds. 

We discovered that sound is caused by vibrations and that it travels through solids, liquids AND gases in waves. These waves are invisible but can make things move if they are strong enough. 

We also practised using a string telephone and learned that if the string is not tense or if something grabs the string then the sound can't pass between the cups because the string won't vibrate.    

Finally, we learned about how the ear works and how the sound vibrations hitting our eardrums are translated in the brain into what we hear. 

It's amazing how sound works!



Music with Vladimir Jablokov

April 23rd

Today we went to hear Vladimir Jablokov in Glór. He was great. He played lovely music on the violin. He started the violin when he was five. I hope we're as good as he is some day.

Low Water Lunch Day March 22nd 2012

We brought in lunches with foods that use less water in their production. So much water is used in food manufacturing. Click the image below for examples of low water lunches. We tried just one change today. 

20th March 2012

This week we went to see A Murder of Crows in Glór Theathre which is based on one of our favourite stories Hansel and Gretel. All of the 4th class children went and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.


I loved the play because it was interesting. It was kind of like Hansel and Gretel. If I had money I would go and see it again. By: Naomi Ajileye

The play that we went to was called A Murder of Crows. I really enjoyed it because it was funny, surprising and scary. By: Aiyewosa Enofe


Pick out the 14 words from the wordsearch and place them in time order, 1-14, as they appear in the play.

Watery Lunches and Low Water Lunches Pupils from 4th class with their Low Water Lunches A Murder of Crows

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