5th Class

5th Class Trip to Glór

On Tuesday October 1st, all the 5th classes from Holy Family Senior School went to Glór to listen to a storyteller named Niall de Búrca from Galway. He was brilliant!! The Clare County Library organised this event and promoted the Children's Book Fair 2013.

At 10.15 am we had our S.O.S. I couldn't wait! It was raining that morning, but luckily it wasn't raining when we walked over!! We were seated in Glór and waiting for Niall to come out. There were over 500 children and teachers there, from all over the county! I wondered what he would be like. I wondered would he be good!

Well, my favourite story was 'Fionn and the Beanshee'. It was about Fionn Mac Cumháil on Halloween night and he went into the forest in Armagh with his dog, Bran. He met a disguised woman who said shewas called Sadhb, but she was actually the 'Beanshee', and tricked him into going into a lake to find her 'lost' necklace! She tried to drown him but luckily he got away!!

He was finished by 12.00pm and we were back at school by 12.15pm. We had P.E at 12.30pm. He was by far the best storyteller I have ever seen!! He was SO funny!!

5th Class students –Holy Family School

My trip to Ennis Friary 

On Friday 20th September 2013 my class and I went to the Ennis Friary. We started by getting our coats and choosing who we are going to do the worksheet with. Then we all walked there. It took about 10 minutes to get to the Ennis Friary. When we got there a lady showed us around.

The first thing we saw was the carvings that they made in the old days.

This carving is about  women reading and men studing. Then we saw the carvings on the walls. They were really cool!!!

After that, we went to see the outside part. It looked amazing. There was a prison cell there for the bad people who tried to steal and there was a tomb leading to the bodies that were buried there!!

The last thing we did was that we all went into a garden to see the graves of the Franciscan Friars that are buried there.

We loved it and hopefully we will go there again!!

By Bruno Torres & Andrew Casey

Pottery Class

Fin O'Hara, a professional potter, recently visited Holy Family Senior School and worked with 5th Class for six weeks. Throughout the lessons the children worked with clay. They learned different techniques using the clay and made some very interesting projects such as clay heads and wall hangers. The lessons tied in very well with the national curriculum, and the children thoroughly enjoyed Fin's visits. To find out more about Fin and the work he does in primary schools around the country you can visit http://www.finspotterytuition.com/.


Green Fingers

5th class rolled up their sleeves and planted many seeds in February. These included sunflowers, carrots, chillis, strawberries and tomatoes.

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