6th Class

Memory Lights

How to make Memory lights

What you need:

• Clean glass jar

• Permanent marker

• PVA glue

• Paint

• Fine paint brush

• Night light candle


1. Draw a cross and decorative shapes on the glass jar.

2. Mix PVA glue and paint 3/1.

3. Use a fine paint brush and colour in the shapes.

4. Allow to dry over night.

5. Place night light inside jar

6. Be careful when lighting.

Memory lights are a nice way to remember someone you miss.

By Jason Sherlock



Construction of Chairs out of Clothes Pegs

Sixth class students made chairs out of clothes pegs. This complex design was difficult for the children to follow but resulted in lovely creations over the course of a couple of day. See the pictures below to see how the children made the chairs.

The different parts were put together and laid out on a sheet of paper.

The chair was assembled and the different parts glued well together.

This is how the chairs turned out!!

Sixth Class Room 17 October 2012

Visit to Glór to see: Derek Landy 12th October 2012

Sixth class students from Holy Family Senior School recently went to Glór to listen to author Derek Landy who has written the Skulduggery Pleasant series of children’s books. Derek Landy has won many prestigious awards, ones that he is too modest to mention. His last visit to Ennis was in 2007 during the Ennis Book Festival.

Who is Derek?

Derek Landy lived on a farm in Dublin with his parents. He liked school even though he wasn’t the best pupil. His best subjects and the ones that kept him focused were Art and English. Derek completed his Leaving Cert on his second try, failing in his first. He then went to an Art College and then became interested in writing children’s books.

What were his claims to fame?

After working on the farm for a while he realised that he needed to get his act together and created his first film; ‘Dead Bodies’. Only six people saw it so it didn’t give him the money or stardom that he would have liked. His second movie; ‘Boy Eats Girl’. In 2006 he went to London looking for his big break. While in London he thought of ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ it took him six months to write his first book and it was published in 2007. Now five years later the seventh book is out; ‘Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked’.

The Future

He also said that he is planning on making a movie on ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ and a video game but we’ll just have to wait and see! His next book is out in the not too distant future.

Written By: Janet (Sixth Class Pupil)

Experimenting with Science

6th class students were busy demonstrating their scientific skills recently, when they undertook investigations in the areas of materials and energy & forces. The students presented their findings to the class by carrying out their experiements at the top of the room and with a piece of procedural writing. A fun and educational time was had by all.

Here is a taste of some of the experiments the children carried out:


Isabel made a lever and pully wheel.  

     Kaylynn made a paperclip float.

Aisling investigated absorption.


Christmas Arrangements

The 6th class students showed their creative flair in the run up to Christmas by making beautiful floral arrangements.



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