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Active School Flag Update

After the great success of the 10 @ 10 on the 10th of February for RTE's Operation Transformation Programme as part of Seachtain na Gaeilge we will continue this initiative for the week as gaeilge during school. In Term 3 after the Easter break we will recommence our morning walk/run for ten minutes before the school bell rings. Last years Road to Rio was a real pupil pleaser and as the Olympics in Rio is now a distant memory we will be canvassing our Active School Committee to create a new name for our morning walk/run. To further increase the use of the Irish language outside of the classroom children will be encouraged to talk while the they walk as gaeilge and certain movement stations will be created where the children will be ag rith, ag damhsa nó ag scipeáil.

Paudie Carey from Clare G.A.A started gaelic football training with 2nd and 3rd class boys and girls this Wednesday. The sessions will largely consist of fundamental movement skills that the children can use across all sports such as running, jumping, catching, throwing and moving in all directions. The children really enjoyed their opening session and are looking forward immensely next Wednesday already. We remind parents that gumshields are now mandatory for playing gaelic football. These can be purchased in any sports shop in town at reasonable prices.

Our Active School Motto: Commit to be fit, stay strong, live long!


Holy Family Senior School is aiming for the Active School Flag and will seek the help of all members of the school community…

See the Active School Website for more information.

ASF Committee

Holy Family Senior School Active School Flag committee has nominees from all areas of the school life: management, teachers, non-teaching staff members, pupils and parents.

Active School Week
Our annual Active School Week takes place this year from the 7th to 10th of June. It was a huge success last year and we are hoping to surpass last years inaugural event. A range of events have been organised to encourage our pupils to become more physically active. If you feel you could assist in organising an event please contact Breege Hamel in the Parents Room.


We do lots of dancing in our school. Let me tell you about some of them. We do Mario Dance in Assembly. It is great fun. We also have a dance station when we do our Road to Rio. Mr. Eade plays some cool music and lays out the cones at the Dance Station. When we are not allowed out at lunch time we have Drop Everything and Move. When the teacher comes back we do some dancing. My favourite is our Halloween Disco because we get to dress up in scary costumes and dance to the music that the teacher puts on. On St. Patrick's Day we also did Irish Dancing in the Cafeteria. Last Week, Siofra did Hip Hop Dance with us. We were going to do it in the hall but because the weather was really nice we did it on the school pitch. It was great fun and everyone was so thirsty after it.
by Lily Nathan 2nd Class

Road to Rio
My name is Piotr Mazurek. I am in Mr. Cooneys 3rd class in Holy Family Senior School. I come to school at 8:40 every morning so I can take part in the Road to Rio run. Every morning I run about 10 laps which is 2,000 meters. So far I have run 120 laps. That is 24 km! Only 16 more km and I will have ran a marathon.
by Piotr Mazurek 3rd Class

Sportshall Athletics Training

The students from St. Flannan's College have been busy training the different year groups for the Sportshall Athletics programme. Some of the students are also helping out with a reading programme with second class. Here are some pictures of the children training.

Indoor Camogie

The Holy Family Indoor Camogie team won their first round blitz on the 27th of January. During the blitz they beat Barefield N.S and Clarecastle N.S comprehensively. The team then progressed onto the second round.

In the second round they came up against Knockanean N.S and Ennis CBS on the 3rd of February. They played brilliant camogie on the day but couldn't get the better of the other teams. Well done to their coaches Mr. O' Neill and Mr. Brennan.

Holy Family School Promotes

Healthy Eating and Physical Exercise

Bernard Dunne ex professional boxer and WBA Super bantamweight champion visited Holy Family on Tuesday16th of December last to promote healthy eating and physical exercise.  Bernard Dunne who is an ambassador for Carambola Kids encouraged the importance of healthy eating and physical fitness. Bernard Dunne knew the importance of a healthy diet and being active throughout your life. He talked with the whole school and especially targeted the children in the senior classes encouraging them to follow healthier eating practices and the importance of exercise. Holy Family has a strict healthy eating policy.

This year the school is involved  in the Active School Flag Programme. This programme aims for the children to increase their physical fitness and strive to achieve a physical educated and physically active school community. The school ran an ActiveSchool’s Motto Competition before Christmas. The winning motto was “Commit to be fit, stay strong, live long”. Bernard Dunne was on hand to present the winners Marcia Solis 4th Class, Riyadh Mondal 5th Class and Dominik Ulanowski with their prizes. All children undertake the Physical Education Programme in the school. Holy Family Senior School offers a wide range of sports including GAA, basketball, athletics, swimming and golf.

Carambola Kids provide healthy hot food dinners in the Holy Family school canteen. Holy Family School is the only primary school in the country to provide hot dinners for children. Carambola Kids also provide packed lunches for 140 schools in the country.

Cycling Training Course

As part of the Active Schools/Green Schools Travel Flag the school is taking part in a course in cycling training run by the Cycling Safety School Mid-West. Training will take place for the 5th classes on Wednesdays during school hours by their instructor John Clancy.

 Skipping Workshop

The school is the gone skipping crazy at the moment after a fantastic Skipping Workshop before Christmas. Mark Mc Cabe from SkipnRope held the workshop over a two day period presenting the children with fun new skipping skills and games using the skipping rope. Skipping is fun and a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy.

Physical Activity

Does your school have a ‘no running’ policy and if so, why?
How does your school encourage physical activity during break times?
Does your school allow pupils to use school sports equipment during their break times? If yes, how is the distribution and collection of playground equipment organised?
Are pupils allowed to bring their own sports equipment to school for use in the playground?
Is the playground zoned for different activities/different age groups?
Does your school organise any initiatives such as Football Free Fridays to encourage as broad a range of activities as possible is catered for in the yard?
Does your school teach a Game of the Week or an Activity of the Month which pupils are encouraged to mix across classes and play during their break times?
Does your school train older pupils to act as Playground Leaders encouraging younger children to be more active during their breaks?
Does your school have a policy in relation to Wet Day Breaks?
How does your school promote physical activity on the days when the weather does not permit the pupils to play outdoors?


Does your school promote physical activity at the start of the school day?
Does your school use discretionary time to facilitate the inclusion of short physical activity breaks into the school day?
Does your school reward good behaviour or special achievements by allowing extra PE or yard time?
Does your school organise any type of walk/run initiatives?
Does Buddy Time include physical activity opportunities?
Does your school use walking trails for other subject areas such as nature studies, history, art etc.?
Does your school have numeracy and literacy trails?
How does your school encourage physical activity in a cross-curricular way?
Does physical activity form a part of other school initiatives? (eg: Seachtain na Gaeilge, Arts Week etc.)
Are school tours planned to include physical activity?


Does your school provide extracurricular activities to meet the interests and needs of both boys and girls?
Does your school provide a balance of competitive and recreational physical activity opportunities?
What type of recreational physical activity opportunities does your school offer?
What type of competitive physical activity opportunities does your school offer? Are both individuals and teams catered for?
Does your school organise inter-class competitions, lunchtime leagues?
Does your school compete at local, regional or national level?
Does your school bring pupils to Cumann na mBunscol organised events?
Does your school organise friendly matches against neighbouring schools?
Does your school promote physical activity opportunities for staff members (eg: staff running club, pilates classes etc.)?
Does your school plan to include physical activity as part of school tours and class outings?


Inclusive Physical Activity refers to how the school caters for pupils of all abilities and interests including those with special needs, exceptional talent and disinterested pupils. Whole school physical activity events are also relevant to this review section. How do you ensure that extra-curricular opportunities are accessible to all pupils?
How does your school ensure that pupils with special needs can play a full role in all physical activity opportunities?
How does your school encourage pupils with exceptional ability?
How does your school encourage children that are disinterested in sport to become more physically active?
Is Sports Day organised in an inclusive way, to maximise the physical activity opportunities for all?
Does your school organise accessible whole school recreational events such as hill walks etc.?
Does your school organise accessible physical activity fund raiser events?


Has your school completed or is it currently working towards achieving the Green Schools Transport Module?
How does your school encourage staff, pupils and parents to use active travel?
Has the Parents’ Association taken any steps to encourage parents and pupils to use active travel?
Does your school operate a ‘Walking School Bus’?
Does the local Garda work with your school to promote road safety?
Does your school offer incentives such as the Golden Boot Award or Scores on Doors to encourage more pupils to walk or cycle to school?
Has your school surveyed pupils about the way they travel to school?
Does your school run active travel focus days (WOW, COW, SOW etc.)?
Does your school organise focus events such as Bling your Bike or Fancy Feet parades?
Does your school any of the RSA schools’ programmes?
Does your school organise any form of cycle training courses?
Does your school have a bicycle/scooter parking area?
In instances where it is unsafe for schools to promote active transport to and from school how does the school encourage pupils to use active travel outside of the school commute?


Do pupils have a voice in terms of sports and physical activity provision in your school?
Has your school carried out pupil surveys on matters relating to physical education, physical activity, active travel, ASW etc.?
How are individual and team achievements celebrated within your school community?
Does your school have a Well Done Wall or Wall of Fame to acknowledge pupil achievements?
Does your school organise any form of Sports Awards? If so, what awards are given out?
What opportunities does the school offer pupils to display their physical activity skills?


Do parents help out with the physical activity programmes? Does your school participate in the HSE Be Active After School Activity Programme’? How does the Parents’ Association help to promote physical activity? How does the Parents’ Association support your school’s efforts to provide sports equipment and/or to improve the sports facilities? Does your school inform parents about local clubs and physical activity opportunities in their local area?


What local facilities are used by your school? Does your school allow local clubs to utilise its sports facilities? Does your school have established links with local clubs and physical activity organisations?

Does your school have links with community groups such as the Special Olympics or Community Games?: The school promotes participation  in the Ennis Parish Community Games by printing flyers, acknowledge participation and achievements during assemblies…

Have local sports persons or teams been invited to your school to talk with the pupils?


Does your school work with the HSE Physical Activity Coordinator/Health Promotion Officer for the area? Has your school achieved or is it working towards the HSE Heath Promotion Flag? Does your school use any of the HSE schools’ programmes and resources eg: Be Active ASAP, playground markings stencils etc.? Does your school work with the Local Sports Partnership for the area? What physical activity opportunities do NGB coaches currently provide in your school? Does your school liaise with the Sports Inclusion Development Officer (SIDO) for the area to help promote inclusive PE and physical activity opportunities? Does your school liaise with any other agencies that help promote inclusive PE and physical activity practises such as CARA Adapted Physical Activity Centre, Irish Wheelchair Association etc Does your school use any of the Irish Heart Foundation schools’ programmes? Does your school use any Irish Water Safety resources or programmes? Does your school use any of the Road Safety Authority schools’ programmes? Does your school work with any other national agency that promotes physical activity?

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