Green Schools

Green SchoolsGreen-Schools, known internationally as Eco-Schools, is an international environmental education programme, environmental management system and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment. The aim of Green-Schools is to increase students' and participant awareness of environmental issues through classroom studies and to transfer this knowledge into positive environmental action in the school and also in the wider community.

Schools that have successfully completed all the elements of the programme are awarded the 'Green-Flag'. Holy Family Snr School was awarded its first green flag in May 2009 for the theme of 'Litter and Waste.' In May 2011 we received our second green flag for  'Energy.'  We also received first prize in Ennis Tidy Towns Best Kept Schools competition that year. In 2013, we were awarded a third green flag for the water theme. In 2015, we recieved our Travel Flag.

We are currently  working towards our fifth green flag, based on the theme of 'Biodiversity.' There are seven steps to being awarded a green flag. The steps include conducting an environmental review, drawing up an action plan, engaging in relevant curricular work and informing the wider community.

The Green Schools Biodiversity Committee are hard at work and have introduced a number of
initiatives to classes recently. 

Classroom Helpers: 
Each class has a number of helpers to assist us with the different areas of Green Schools. There is a light
sheriff, water monitor, travel officer, 2 litter wardens and a biodiversity committee member in each class.

Green Schools Checklist: 
Each child who has been chosen for a job has a list of duties. These children tick off their jobs on the
checklist sheet daily.

Green Code Poster: 
Each class received a poster with our green code printed on it to design and decorate as a class.

Our Green Code: 
Plants and animals everywhere 
Protect them all and show we care 
From the smallest insect to the tallest tree 
They're all important -  that's Biodiversity! 

Big Travel Challenge:
We are encouraging every child to make a big effort to walk to school between now and Easter. There will be
an Easter egg raffle at the end of the term for those who walk to school. Also, the Golden Boot award will be
given out monthly at assembly for the class who makes the most effort.

Litter Wardens: 
There is a litter warden rota in place to make sure our yard is a clean and tidy place. There will be a class
chosen monthly for the Cleanest Yard award at assembly.

The Biodiversity Committee made a wormery recently with Monika. They
learned all about how it works and how to maintain it so that we cut down on
food waste and produce fertile soil for our garden. You can read all about it and
see photos on our Green Schools board near the foyer.

Preparing to make a wormery










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