Homework Club


Holy Family Senior School provides children with a safe, enjoyable, supportive environment, where homework is supervised and lifelong study skills can be developed.
There are currently two Homework Clubs in operation in the school.
Children from 2nd to 6th, who qualify under DEIS guidelines, School Completion Programme profiling and on the recommendation of teachers, are offered places at the start of each academic year. A waiting list is also drawn up in the case of excessive numbers and is consulted if a place arises.

The school-run Homework Club runs 2 days per week, Wednesday and Thursday, from 2.45p.m. to 3.30p.m.
The CLDC also operates a Homework Club which runs 2 days a week; Monday and Tuesday, also from 2.45p.m. to 3.30pm

Children are provided with a healthy snack at 2.45p.m. and are supported with their homework completion by teachers until 3.30p.m. Journals will be signed at the end of each session. Any homework that is not completed will be noted and must be completed at home. If children finish homework before 3.30pm, fun activities will be provided until home time.
All children must remain at Homework Club until 3.30pm unless on a particular day permission has been given by parents for a child to leave early.

Homework Club is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for all children, and to aid this, some rules will be drawn up, in conjunction with the children, at the start of the school year. They will operate in conjunction with our school's Code of Behaviour, where positive behaviour is recognised and rewarded.
These rules will encourage respect, politeness, kindness, honesty, gentleness, sharing and listening.

When a child is offered a place in the Homework Club, parents must read and sign and return to co-ordinator a Homework Club agreement outlining:
• Details of how the club operates and behavioural expectations
• Duration of each session & collection time

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