ICT @ Holy Family

ICT is an integral part of life at Holy Family Senior School. Each classroom is equipped with at least one PC, with an overhead projector and an Interactive Whiteboard. There is also a fully equipped computer room with 28 PCs. Children use many programmes such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet Explorer and Hyperstudio. Children use educational software and produce many projects using ICT.

ICT Initiatives in HFSS

As part of the schools commitment to ICT in education, different initiatives are ongoing in the school which avail of these technologies. One of the most exciting of these is Lego WeDo, which is being carried out in 5th class. This is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) programme wherein students design, program and test Lego machines via bluetooth technology. It is a fun and engaging way of teaching Maths and Science principles to all students. So far, students in Mr. Corbett's class have created robots which imitate the functions of the Curiosity Rover on Mars as well as carrying out experiments investigating forces and speed.
What has been most impressive about this project is the creativity and innovation of students throughout the design process whose work has never ceased to surprise!! Judging by progress in Lego WeDo, Holy Family has a number of budding scientists within our student population!!

Our Computer Room


Lego WeDo

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