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The Yellow Flag initiative is ongoing this year in Holy Family, building on the initial work carried out in 2016 in which we held Multicultural Day, among other events. This year we are continuing our commitment to diversity and multiculturalism by having a number of different ongoing initiatives which have strengthened our community spirit. Most notably, there is a different Language of the Week presented to students via intercom each Thursday – here students with a particular cultural background teach their peers simple terms from their native tongue. We have had students with German, Nigerian, Bosnian and Latvian backgrounds all speak so far. To coincide with Seachtain na Gaeilge, we also had a student teach some Irish words to the school!!
Another ongoing initiative are the class projects on a represented culture. Each classroom was allocated 5 projects at the start of the year on a culture identified by a student within the class – in this way the children can teach their peers about their cultural background supported by teacher lessons within the SESE curriculum. These have proved to be very successful as evidenced by many colourful Yellow Flag boards outside different classrooms.

One of our Yellow Flag boards


We are busy working on our yellow flag application in Holy Family. We are planning an exciting multicultural day. The children have been exploring what diversity means to them. Read some of their ideas below. Also, check out this link, suggested by Adam in 5th class.

What Diversity Means To Me

Recognising, valuing and taking versions of people's different backgrounds, knowledge, skills, needs and experiences. You should also encourage and use those differences to create a solid area and useful workforce. Not all people are like you, so stop trying to find people the very same. It might be hard sometimes, to be good to all people, but when the time comes and you have to be nice to them, you should try to think how you would feel if you were in their shoes; if you got bullied because of your colour, knowledge, skills, needs and experiences. People are different; so what!! There are so many people in this world and we should not push each other away because of "not being their type". Always think about how others feel, make them feel welcome and happy, we are all the same
By Gabriela (6th)

Diversity means that there are lots of different kinds of things. Like different types of cars, bikes, balls and houses, there are different types of people. We are all human with two arms, two legs, a body and a head but we all look different, some are short and some are small, some have blue eyes and some have brown or green eyes, not one person has the same fingerprint. We have different colour skin and speak different languages, come from different countries with different cultures and different religions. Diversity is not just between people from different countries; even our families, parents, brothers and sisters in the same family are all different.
In the olden days, people didn't travel very far and lived their lives in the same place so never experienced as many different people or cultures and looked similar and spoke the same language. Now there is more diversity because people travel far away and live in other countries too.
Some people don't like diversity because they are afraid of different things. They might be mean to other people because of the colour of their skin or what religion they are, this is called being racist. There are good and bad people everywhere, this has nothing to do with where you are from or the colour of your skin.
I think diversity is good because we can meet new people, try new types of food, see different cultures and try out new games and sport. It would be very boring if we were all the same.
By Callum (4th)

The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means that everyone is unique. Diversity also means taking notice of other people's background. Diversity is acknowledging things from different towns or countries. Diversity creates dimensions in the world.
Love is the key to diversity. Don't judge a book by its cover
By Evelyn (6th)

I want everyone to be treated the same – I am for diversity. Diversity means a lot to me. If no one opposed diversity, the world would be a much better place for everyone. The Yellow Flag programme wants to make everyone understand and promote diversity. I joined the Yellow Flag committee so that I could help make this happen
By Scarlett (5th)

By diversity, I mean people from different countries, with different languages, skin colours and religion. Diversity makes for interesting living. People have to be more tolerant where there is a diversity of people. I think diversity is good for ALL countries, Europe has very diverse religions and respect for freedom of expression.
Diversity is very special to all of use and there should be fairness in all countries and there should not be racism in this lovely planet.
By Adam (5th)

Definition of diversity: The condition of having or being composed of differing elements; variety, especially the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organisation.
Diversity is all about acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique and recognising our individual differences. It is about embracing and celebrating the rich differences contained in each person.
By Szymon (4th)

News: April 2016

As part of our Yellow Flag programme, we are beginning our preparations for multicultural day, which will happen in June. This will be a day which celebrates the diversity present among the Holy Family
School Community. We have also sent off numerous entries for the 2016 Yellow Flag art
competition and are eagerly awaiting feedback on whether or not we have any winners from the
school. We have lots of initiatives planned for term 3 and are looking forward to getting them

News: January 2016

As part of the school's yellow flag initiative we are currently carrying out an intercultural review
among students. This involves a questionnaire which every child in the school has to fill out. The
questionnaire asks the children about how welcome they feel in Holy Family, what multi-cultural
events they would like to see in Holy Family and whether or not they have experience of racism in
the school. The Yellow Flag committee are currently assessing the data which will be presented at
the next yellow flag meeting in February. In the meantime, a parents questionnaire will be sent out
in the next two weeks to find out similar information from the parents!!!

News: October 2015

Starting in November 2015, the school are partaking in the
Yellow Flag programme. This is a school-based initiative which celebrates
multiculturalism and diversity. At present, a committee to oversee this is being organised
in the school and so far 15 student representatives and 3 teachers have been
appointed. We are in the process of getting parent representatives and representatives
from other local diversity organisations. We hope to have the committee fully organised
and functioning by mid-November. In the meantime, the children are coming up with a
diversity code for the whole school to follow. Exciting times ahead!!

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