My Lockdown Experience by Mounia Erraguig

Fri, Oct 23rd, 2020

An essay by Mounia Erraguig in Mr. Bell's 6th Class on her lockdown experience. Well done Mounia!

My Lockdown Experience 2020                              By Mounia Erraguig, 6th Class

2020 was a strange year for everyone around the world. Many people lost their jobs, relatives & even their lives. Amidst this pandemic, many other events happened, including the Beirut Explosion, the murder of George Floyd which sparked the BLM movement & a new Irish government. 2020 was also a bizarre year for students around the world. We weren’t in school for months & many of us were doing a form of virtual learning. In this recount, I will be sharing my experience during the lockdown & also my opinions on some of the events that happened. I hope you enjoy reading my Lockdown Experience in 2020.

It all started on a hectic Thursday at noon when our teacher got notified that the Taoiseach had announced that every educational institution in Ireland would close that day. 12th of March, our last day of school in the academic year of 2019-2020. Everybody instantly thought we would be returning to school in 2-3 weeks, but little did we know we wouldn’t go to school for 6 months! When the school closed, everybody was ecstatic to finally have a break from school. But I doubt we would have been as overjoyed if we knew what the future held. I had very much enjoyed doing work at home for the first two weeks. My routine didn’t change much besides not going to school. Even though many people were staying at home during this time, the COVID-19 cases in Ireland had started worsening day by day. This caused many people to be a bit more anxious about when school would be reopening as nobody knew what would happen.

A fortnight later, we got another announcement saying we would be staying at home for another two weeks. I thought we would be going back to school after those two weeks, so I didn’t mind. I enjoyed doing extra work & finishing my upcoming work. I did enjoy the Seesaw activities, but they were a bit too easy. I adored watching Progress TV & participating by sending in my clips. The videos were educational & gave me a lot of ideas for activities to do in my spare time. My favourite part of Progress TV was the Farm.

After another two weeks, the Government announced that we would not be going back to school until September 2020, the following school year. I was very sad when I heard the news as I wanted to go back to school & see all of my friends. I also missed the routine of school & normal life (in general). During the lockdown, Muslims around the world celebrated Eid Al Fitr. My family & I had a virtual Eid dinner with family & friends. It was different but a wonderful experience. Both of my parents were laid off of work for 3-4 months before returning to work. This meant we spent a lot of time together. We also went more to the park, forest & interacted more with nature.

Before the summer holidays, the restrictions started to ease a bit more so my family & I went outside of Ennis for the first time in months to Shannon. I noticed a big change. There were queues in front of every shop with social distancing measures in place. A lot of people were also wearing masks but not everyone was as it wasn’t compulsory at that time. When the summer holidays were in full swing & restrictions were eased my family & I went on a week of day trips. We went to Kilkee, Shannon, Killaloe, Galway, Limerick, Lahinch, Kilrush & Salthill. My favourite place was Galway because it is a very lively city & it reminds me of my parents’ home city in Morocco. I also enjoyed going to places around Clare & going to the beach. A few weeks later, my family & I celebrated Eid Al Adha with our relatives that live nearby. It was very fun but safe at the same time! We had a barbecue in our backyard, so we were able to distance.

Soon back to school time came around. I was thrilled! I had been waiting for this time since April! I had bought my books & supplies in July. I was excited to go back to a normal routine & see all my friends. I was also a bit anxious as the COVID-19 situation in Ireland was just getting worse. But I felt more reassured after watching the news and seeing classrooms being prepared upon students’ return to school. I knew that new systems & changes were being put in place for the safety of the teachers & pupils. On the first day of school, I was so excited & happy! My new routine was waking up way more early than in lockdown & going to school at 8:55, a new time.

The lockdown was both positive & negative. The positive side was many individuals needed the break from school/work to relax & a lot of political movements/events have been given more awareness online. Though, sadly the negatives outweigh the positives. Many people have lost their lives due to the COVID-19 virus, the lockdown has affected people’s mental health & many sad events have happened around the world. Some global events that happened during the time are: Israel planned to annex the Palestinian land of the Gaza strip (illegal under international law), Uyghur Muslims being put into Chinese concentration camps, the Beirut explosion which caused 200+ people to die & the death of George Floyd which sparked the Black Lives Matter movement (& justice for the murders of other black people worldwide). These events were very sad, but a lot of them had great outcomes. I hope you enjoyed reading my lockdown experience!

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